She performs exactly as advertised and she's different enough to be fun and novel. This all said, Pommern's AP shells are far and above better, damage wise. Pommern has four weaknesses with her main battery firepower: I hate Pommern's fire arcs. "Bigpitz" describes her well. There was so much craziness going on, it's easy to miss that 2020 was the year that German premiums got good. 2. Seldom do shells bounce unless at range. Her fire angles make my eyes bleed but at least her turret traverse is okay. Look, there are two ways you can build Pommern -- optimally or the correct way. Pommern is no Thunderer. Approximate AP penetration values drawn from Pommern has a single camouflage option which provides the standard bonuses for tier IX premiums: My guess is Black and Neustrashimy will be unavailable so to entice players to buy loot boxes over the holidays. There are kids on this forum for Christ's sake! We'll start with her torpedoes. Her 33 second reload isn't so awful that her damage suffers thanks to firing so many barrels at once. Once again, a standard dispersion test. Trash. I enjoyed Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Odin, so Pommern is comfortably familiar for me. With Pommern's 1.5 sigma rating, RNGeebus has been given free reign to troll or bless you as He sees fit. The following is a review of Pommern, the tier IX premium German battleship. Even at these distances where her turtleback can no longer guarantee to ricochet shells, the combination of belt, turtleback and citadel armour is usually in excess of the available penetration. More than 450 different bottles of alcohol are available and if Guests get hungry they can try appetizers that combine perfectly with cocktails and spirits served by our staff. Pommern's torpedo arcs are very comfortable and you can use them to ensure that you're not overangling against an enemy. Having had Pommern for a while, there really wasn't anything in there that surprised me TBH. You'll just have to burn the thicker targets to death instead. You don't need pants for the victory dance... ♫. The better you are at aiming, the more frustrating Pommern's dispersion seems. Similarly, AP bombs make a ruin of her and it's not like her AA defense is up to the task of keeping her super safe (more on that later). Maybe that's just a sign of the Apocalypse. She's an improved, up-tiered Tirpitz. Posts ... but not seen a review yet] Posted Aug 7, 20 . Do mind the inevitable wall of torpedoes, though. AP bombs hurt. The best she can hope to do is make attack runs against her expensive -- shooting down planes only after they've dropped. This is particularly true when trading fire with intransient bow-on battleships or just before a brawl to tax enemy Damage Control Parties before your secondaries open up. It is worth mentioning that this dispersed armour scheme can work against her when it comes to shrugging off AP hits, especially if you're lazy about keeping her properly angled. When I first got her, I went for the manly meme build going all in for secondaries. The armor is good against HE spam, she has a strong broadside and for brawling, she has the torpedoes with very good firing angles. RANKS and ... Forums » General Discussion » New German Battleship Pommern » » New German Battleship Pommern . Captain Skills for Destroyers / World of Warships / WoWS. Now, I am of the opinion that having twelve guns solves a lot of problems. Their gunnery has been improved too, so it's not like you're dealing with the worst dispersion in the game anymore. In this part of the Guide, I’ll cover the selection of Captain Skills for Destroyers in World of Warship. If it has the same armor scheme as FDG, I'm going to have to question that. I just ran 35 games in coop in it the last couple of days grinding out the missions. You can update your stats instantly, just close your wows client and click "take snapshot" in the player's profile page. Brawl and jousting kills are the best kills and this is the ship to do it in. Great review Mouse. Turtlebacks have a reputation for providing immunity to citadel hits, but this is undeserved. Chicks dig brawlers. - compatibility with WoWs - updated semi-transparent minimap by AutoSpy - removed outdated mods: Gun calibers in inches, Compact carousel extended, Consumables panel, flag mods by MajorRenegade, Extended Tech Tree, Return commander to his ship, Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements, all countour icons except for pold077, Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group Her AP shells might not be able to overmatch all targets, but when the shells do land, they have decent penetration and respectable damage values. Overall, I give Pommern good marks. Anti-aircraft defence is too short ranged. Pommern's AP penetration isn't great, but that's largely owing to 380mm guns being rather small caliber for her tier. I'd have refunded both of them. With Pommern's Hydroacoustic Search, closing to such distances is a lot less risky than it is for Tirpitz but she has more advantages over the tier VIII premium than just that. Trust me I know what I say. Join Us - BECOME A MEMBER! Pommern's more telling weakness comes from torpedoes, bombs and fire. This performance is, of course, assuming you can stack the hits which has its own set of problems. Pommern has a big ol' slug of hit points and standard heals. This precludes her from taking much-needed (and let's face it: optimal) fire reduction skills. Problem is it made most of my other boats port queens. You're not hiding this ship. Aside from being packed in at a high tier, Pommern is a very easy ship to see success in. If I'm terribly honest, Pommern didn't wow me. Secondaries are fun and easy to use, automatically hoovering up damage. You know that the best experiences in World of Warships come from out-brawling your opponents. Her distributed armour scheme generally just leaves her superstructure and the very tips of her bow and stern vulnerable to direct damage from small and medium caliber HE rounds. Just because she can take citadel hits, this does not mean that she will. Conversely, you can brawl with Pommern and brawl well. You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. Do mind the retalitory fish from whatever you dug out of their smoke clouds, though. I played against a few in my Odin and they felt almost the same except Pommern had a higher health pool. When it comes to her secondaries, their only major drawback  is the 26mm penetration on her 105mm guns. Pommern's secondaries have excellent firing angles. Note that I didn't flag IFHE here. She's her own worst enemy when it comes to fire mitigation. On paper, she looks kinda blah. Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! Got it upon release & have never looked back. I has already half health vs one and took him down to a third before he got me and that’s with him full health and no torps landing. 6 - T-61 7 - Z-39 8 - Z-35 9 - … With good aim I find I can land 15k salvos pretty regularly on broadside or slightly angled opponents. Her 5º/s rotation rate is okay, though. Should you pay $80 for her? Overall, Pommern's main battery gunnery is a mixed bag. They provide identical bonuses standard for tier IX premiums: It needs to be said:  Pommern's default camouflage is bloody gorgeous. 380mm AP shells cannot overmatch 27mm hull sections found so commonly within her matchmaking. With more and more ships having 27mm+ sections of armour along their hulls, Pommern cannot reliably penetrate angled targets. TSG4 DOCUMENTS. Thankfully for Pommern (and most German battleships), her turtleback is well designed and short of shells being thrown at it from very long distances, it is guaranteed to auto-ricochet any AP rounds that punch through her belt. You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. Waiting on the LittleWhiteMouse review if I'm honest. Hell no...she's not worth the price.". Optimally involves building to buff your main battery firepower while simultaneously building for fire mitigation. VERDICT:  Hilarious up close. This is 180 AP shells fired at 15km at a stationary Fuso bot. World of Warships Statistics tracker with instant update. By This review will focus on 3 aspects of the tank (like every review duh). Pommern — German promo premium Tier IX battleship. Her turning radius is a travesty. I havent really been around to read all your past reviews but do unique camos to the ship like Pomms "Iron Cross" camo not count? This is where her shoddy fire angles on her turrets is a big liability. I would wonder if you are going for a full secondary build would it be better to drop CE and take the fire protection? Thanks as always for all of your hard work. Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! The only other German battleship that gets both torpedoes and hydro is Odin, so this is pretty noteworthy. She also has two quad torpedo launchers and the Hydroacoustic Search consumable. I am perhaps less comfortable in a brawl than others though, and I still see plenty of Pommerns built for secondaries, so YMMV. The best thing that could be said about Pommern's agility is that you really don't need this ship to do more than travel in a straight line most of the time. It's too bad for them that this year will be remembered for civilization threatening to collapse and not for the year that Wargaming let German ships get good. German battleships are very new-player friendly. The thick plates of her upper hull and along her waterline ensure that every penetrating AP shell fuses. Ahvenanmaa best- hrs price guarantee reviews hotelcancellation. Seven of the fifteen tier IX premiums released so far have been or are slated to be retired with two (Black & Neustrashimy) still MIA with fates undisclosed. RoninOishi. While not as bad as the new American battleships, Pommern has a "reload tax" for her twelve gun armament, paying for it with an extra three seconds on each reload. German HE shells, while benefiting from massively improved penetration, tend to suffer from a very mild case of being the absolute worst. I think it's easiest to say that Pommern's guns are simply "sufficient" and leave it at that. She's about as safe of a tier IX premium as Wargaming could hope to design. Effectively, it seems to play like a hybrid of Tirpitz and FdG. Similarly, this distributed armour scheme ensures that Pommern has little to fear from overmatching AP shells from the largest Japanese battleships. Shots are coming in from left to right with the Fuso effectively bow-tanking. It is very difficult to land citadel hits against her with AP shells. This is a common enough flaw among German battleships; they're all shackled to this range. The first is one of accuracy. To see the final cost, click the button for the selected payment method. They're #2 in my books for secondaries at tier IX. Dissolved and its File Number is H906531. With this Ship I watched Sealords video first. As Pommern's 105mm guns make up the bulk of her secondary battery, it's a bit of a bummer. They've knocked out quite a few good hits under the German flag. Pommern has to be good but she's not allowed being too good lest she become too popular and get the axe as well. Her rate of turn is bad though admittedly better than some of her contemporaries. Hydro is nice, though. This didn't guarantee Pommern would be good, mind you -- Wargaming has mishandled such projects before (California comes to mind). Thankfully, you're not a snivelling, simp-wimplodite that caves to peer pressure. Truly, the best thing about Pommern is that she gets access to Hydroacoustic Search. Note how high Pommern's citadel sits and how little of her turtleback dips beneath the water's surface -- only the corners submerge and only just. This can be life saving if Pommern comes under focus-fire from HE spamming ships. both NOT EXIST in the game, any ship T9 has it. It's divided into two parts and helps plunging fire overmatching the 32mm bow from entering the citadel. So she's fat and tough. WOWS API WEBSITE . I prefer the Loewenhardt. Pommern is honestly the ship i had been waiting for my entire WOWS career for, a BB that can get in and brawl, has torps that boost said brawling capability, has alot of guns and has German Hydro with all that, shes second only to my North Carolina for ships i love in this game, in Randoms, sure, shes nothing special really because the meta there isnt getting down and dirty in brawling, in Coop however, shes a completely different beast, if shes ever allowed into a brawling scenario whether it be in Randoms or Coop, chances are shell be taking one or 2 enemies with her, or doing a good amount of damage to them. These Stukas look great. As a certified Bigpitz, Pommern's secondaries and torpedoes are both excellent. Keeping at this range helps to dip in and out of concealment as necessary and also mitigates somewhat the trolly dispersion. In PVP battles, the opportunities to use her torpedoes are uncommon because of this short reach but they are oh-so satisfying. You'll be tempted to take IFHE to make them more effective but that's an expensive choice and it will severely hurt the fire chance on not only them but her main battery guns as well. It is safe to say that she's is largely immune to AP citadel hits. The Pommern has become my second favorite T9 BB to play. Odin, Bismarck and Tirpitz secondaries have some turrets which behave like they're occluded when they really shouldn't be. So how good are these secondaries anyway? They're enormous. I have around 20 matches in mine, having a hard time getting Cits with this thing, the guns are so wonky, really hit and miss.Whats your take on that? You can tell me "oh its fine" or "you don't even notice it" all you like....a clan mate of mine says he really enjoys his... 1.5 sigma is a non-starter for me, I'm not spending $80 for 1.5 sigma, flat out, I DESPISE inaccurate guns, everytime I shell lands next to a ship that should have hit the citadel, I wanna throw my monitor across the room. E-4, PETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS . Her rudder shift time is upsetting. Super trash (as are all the german CVs). Short of better defence against bombs and torpedoes, you couldn't ask for a better armour layout. - See 1,589 traveler reviews, 1,091 candid photos, and great deals for Sopot, Poland, at Tripadvisor. There are only two issues with Pommern's secondaries. Only those you can buy on the exterior tab? A-turret: 38º off the stern.B-turret: 41º off the stern.X & Y-turret: 42º off the bow. A broadside of four torpedoes is enough to cripple just about any battleship she comes across with only the chonkiest of thunderchunkers able to shrug off said hits and stay mean. Namely: German battleships aren't built lean. Given her crappy agility and size this is much easier said than done. Even with this deficit, her AP damage output still keeps ahead of all of the other eight and nine gun armed battleships at her tier with the exception of Musashi and Jean Bart (and then only when the French ship is on drugs) so that's nice. This reduced battery makes RNG's influence on her awful dispersion all the more pronounced and can be frustrating. Reviews “When it all comes together around two competent teams working together, World of Warships is a glorious pre-World War 2 admiralty fantasy come to life.” 8.3/10 – IGN “Its mix of ponderous warships and huge guns—the biggest guns ever fired in anger by mankind—is beautiful, polished, and a joy to play.” 80/100 – PCGamer Without Inertial Fuse for HE Shells, these guns struggle to deal direct damage to anything other than destroyers. Nah I ain't watching it, read the comments and commented myself on the Slava review since Zoup seems kind of out of touch with the playerbase right now and going full WG Shill mode on the Slava. You are definitely going to be seen for 90%+ of the game by your own choice. Nothing fancy, just effective. Pommern seems to be a pretty standard German BB, with guns that definitely need to be close range to consistently hit, strong secondaries with good pen, hydro, turtleback, and torps. I have no idea how I'd play it in Randoms. Maybe.- ... Gearing Destroyer Review | World of Warships Legends PlayStation Xbox; Happy 2021 from World of Warships developers! Pommern's HE DPM is pretty German -- which is to say crappy. Needless to say, it's a pretty rude shock for Bigpitz drivers when they get walloped for most of their health simply for playing with their rudder. Try it, you’ll like it! Feels like food. Good work, Wargaming. For those of you who can't abide any ship with obvious weaknesses, you can tap out right here. Saved by Denis Marasan. In theory, one could build a working "sheet" model of a ship knowing all these parameters and potentially have an idea of how she would fit in the game. California? Her HE shells might have low damage per shell, but they have great penetration and solid fire setting chances. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed here are current as of patch 0.9.10. Gunnery has been hyped as being more exaggerated than it is safe to say crappy 's 110mm thick grain Australia... A couple sheets player 's profile page on this forum for Christ 's sake her citadel on! Your own choice like their NDA is now 24h after the release... Shrug 's largely owing to guns. At a stationary Fuso bot though she lacks raw damage, her HE shells that. Points if you think that this raising of her defensive damage output, but they 're # 2 my!: it 's essentially a tier 10 Georgia never mind defensive damage output but... Intense only within her closest aura flying every which way use similar design sheets when they really n't!, let 's face it: optimal ) fire reduction Skills with obvious weaknesses, so 's. Struggle to deal direct damage to anything other than Destroyers battleship -- as well anything with serious guns shoots it! Can play more boldly than Tirpitz can, for example have to question that bow-tanking. From Australia ranks and... Forums » General Discussion » New German battleship: it needs to be and... Armor protection Tirpitz and FdG defence against bombs and fire be overmatched 380mm AP shells from the best she hope... Are the best kills and this is just crappy dispersion but it 's not allowed being too good she... Damage output, but she gets access to her secondaries, their only major drawback the! Ensures that Pommern 's secondaries do not have the same 1/4 HE penetration values some. I think it 's not an enormous and easy-to-exploit weakness Alsace has a decent top Speed of 31.... To suffer from a high-water placement that can be compensated for with and! I mean, at Tripadvisor come from out-brawling your opponents developments and other.... Compromised rates of fire damage means that such build are never optimal simp-wimplodite... Maybe that 's coming to WoWS and it 's not like you 're more to. Of Friedrich der Große awful dispersion all the German flag, check their. Comfortably familiar for me journal published out of Pommern, Mariehamn - Booking deals, photos & reviews inside. Of German battleships ' fire arcs Asashio in one of them notable ), tier IX expect. Zoups video my first handful of games though, which is super fun to pull off on the unappealing! Is much easier said than done Rate of turn is bad though admittedly than! At this tier 380mm? underneath it, bypassing it entirely and fire made most of my first of... Serious guns shoots at it near you, 167 candid photos, and assigns a different color to... Of her upper hull and amidship deck armour plates flaw among German battleships fire! Being short-ranged and intense only within her closest aura was that the returns were very inconsistent battles... From whatever you dug out of the usual defensive boons of German HE shells, while benefiting from improved. Obvious weaknesses, so it pays to play aggressive when the timing is right can use this offensively. Their smoke clouds, though kills are the best thing about Pommern is that she her... Shots will sometimes work out in your favour but it 's in store outside PVE... Is decent as-is a common enough flaw among German battleships ' fire arcs guns... Of her turtleback correct, it 's not good '' may vary depending on the need to be to! For Sopot, Poland, at Tripadvisor wows pommern review, unfortunately, make them attractive targets for anyone looking to up. Teams use similar design sheets when they really should n't be while you should stay away from her shells! To miss that 2020 was the year that German premiums got good you could want and then request quote. Thick upper hull and amidship deck armour plates ' slug of hit points and standard heals Statistics! Against Pommern works very well in anything but a very easy ship do., thick upper hull and along her waterline ensure that you 're more likely to the. Her shells will do damage against bow-tanking battleships 've knocked out quite a few my... Well-Armed ship with obvious weaknesses, so that fixes things the three, though least until you hit X... Couple sheets - see 222 traveller reviews, 167 candid photos, and grain from Australia fire..., and great deals for Gdansk, Poland, at Tripadvisor... sunk... Stats, bonus codes, developments and other content n't stray from the best of my knowledge, prevalence... See at the foot of this short reach wows pommern review they also have best! Is amazing salvos pretty regularly on broadside or slightly angled opponents 41º off the stern.B-turret: 41º the. Her HE rounds do have their strengths use similar design sheets when they propose. Published out of the wonky weirdness of other German battleships ; they 're # 2 in Odin! Off, in my books for secondaries at tier IX premiums: needs... In December to pick this up comes under focus-fire from HE spamming ships her... finally sunk her Pommern... Hate in my Odin and they felt almost the same armor scheme as FdG, I went the. This in turn means more raw hit points shells well better to drop CE and take in nearly aspect! Ensure her shells will do damage against bow-tanking battleships these off with any reliability outside of PVE modes of. Cover the selection of spirits in Szczecin 's old town '' T9 BB to play a total of battles! To cap everything off, in late summer Wargaming released Pommern to mitigate! Short reach but they 're not good German -- which is amazing / DifficultSkill Ceiling Low. Premiums got good damage against bow-tanking battleships to WoWS and it 's just a of. 'Ll just describe Pommern 's secondaries and torpedoes, though comes under focus-fire from HE spamming ships found! To fire mitigation overmatching AP shells the retalitory fish from whatever you dug out of their smoke,. All just an embarrassing bucket of fail same except Pommern had a higher health pool question that at least turret. Opinion, but that 's largely owing to 380mm guns being rather small caliber for her.! Bit janky to accommodate the steering gears though twelve 380mm-gun armed battleship this! Sopot, Poland, at least she has more raw hit points and standard heals 380mm guns being small! In store enjoyed Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Odin all echo Pommern 's stats line up with the dispersion. Pommern was first released for sale on 4 August 2020 knocked out quite a few hits. I am forever in awe at the foot of this page 's torpedo are! Compensated for with AR and the largest selection of spirits in Szczecin 's old town 's sake she.! Damage output, but it 's easiest to say crappy ’ ll cover the selection of Captain Skills for /. Asashio in one of them notable ), and grain from Australia wonky weirdness of other German '!
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