The bacon is a great addition that I’ve never tried before! This is so similar to my best potato salad recipe and what I love the most? Being the “celery liker” (&the cook) in a family with “haters” , I learned that most often, it’s not celery’s FLAVOR people dislike per se, but a textural component that’s offensive.. (stringy, too hard, watery, “what’s this GREEN stuff in it? I’m just going to eliminate the mustard and green pepper. Probably just a taste memory…….. Im making this right now ! Potato salad is my favorite BBQ side dish! Awesome! I made this for dinner yesterday evening as a side to some yummy burgers on the grill and it was VERY tasty. .. Great addition.  Also, Vidalia onions are in season, and they add a pretty wonderful combination of sweet and peppery. Home » Holidays » 4th of July » The Best Potato Salad, Published May 9, 2019 Last Updated March 7, 2020 / By Jessica 7 Comments. Definitely making this again. You have this vegetarian drooling and actually wanting to try this…”best ever potato salad” is a bold claim but this sounds like it could be it! Salt the water, reduce to a simmer … I WILL make this again. This is our absolute favorite Potato Salad ever! Oh, I do love German-style potato salad! Should I add something in place of it? Bacon – YES!!! That is saying a lot for a picky eater like me. This is by far the best potato salad ever. Now my mom’s secret ingredient is out of the bag too! I still like my mom’s better. Can’t wait to give this a try…. I trippled the recipe and had a little over a cup of dressing left over which I saved for future use.Â, I made this last night….it is the best potato salad have ever made or tasted. This really does look good. Sometimes I bake the potatoes instead of cooking them, add a little pickle juice and leave out the green pepper (we don’t like them). My husband (not a huge fan of potato salad ) had seconds. Yes, absolutely! Not a huge pot salad fan, but THIS one knocks it outta the park! Wonderful, wonderful crunchy texture. Boil approximately 1 gallon of water, or enough to cover the diced potatoes, with 1 Tablespoon of … THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST POTATO SALAD EVER! God Bless!! It goes into the file of my top favorite summre side dishes, along with Bowtie Pasta Salad, Creamy Tomato and Cucumber Salad | and Creamsicle Fluff! Just yesterday I had a facebook conversation with a friend who let us all know that her daughters favorite FAT is bacon. Bacon makes everything better, doesn’t it? Your blog and Annie’s from Annie’s Eats are my favorite food blogs.  I like the idea of adding bacon  drippings to the mayonnaise. The “perfect” potato salad for us had tender chunks of potatoes, plenty of sweet pickle relish, lots of hard-boiled eggs, and an ultra-creamy mayo-based dressing. Although replaced onion with spring onions (scallions) and ditched the green pepper – it doesn’t belong there – too overpowering. When u refrigerate the salad wouldn’t the bacon drippings in the dressing congeal? Its with vinegar and oil, (you know I have a thing for tart vinegar tastes!!)  My mom always swore by using bacon grease for all kinds of things. I plan on making this soon…it sounds delectable! Boil the potatoes until they are fork tender. I love potato salad, (we only have it at Christmas time though), and this looks super delicious. Thank you so much for this recipe, we’ve made this 3 times already and everyone LOVES it! I might have added a tad more bacon grease, but honestly I didn’t vear from the recipe at all and it came out really good! Why this Recipe is Best. Thanks :). I prefer mine tasting really fresh with lemon juice and fresh herbs, and chives and black pepper, with a mix of greek yoghurt, garlic and mayo. I’ve never heard of using bacon in potato salad though so I’d like to give this a try and see how it goes. I am a regular visitor of your website and usually only look at the cake recipes, but I tried this salad at my summer party. If I didn’t tell people I was making it, I would be tempted to keep it all for myself. Will definitely be my go-to potato salad recipe. Potatoes are such a versatile and yummy food. In my mayonnaise mixture I use apple cider vinegar, spicy brown mustard, celery and bacon bits. I used to click on the link from Annie’s blog to view yours, but now I’ve just bookmarked your page :). Very flavorful.  Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. A few suggestions… I will admit I didn’t use celery or green pepper because I didn’t have any and I added shredded cheese. This really does look so good!! Will definitely be making this again and again!!! To cook potatoes, fill a large pot with water, add your potatoes and bring water to a boil. I have never liked regular potato salad—once you have the best it’s hard to like others.Â. After I made it for a special family event, all of my family members demanded the recipe. A bold statement and one that always gives me pause, but it is absolutely, 100% warranted in this case. Have you tried sour cream-dill potato salad? Egg salad, macaroni salad and potato salad were my sworn enemies & nemeses as a child at summer potlucks! I had a red pepper, so I used that as well. Hello and welcome! I thought it still needed acidity to cut the richness so I added some capers. I always steam my potatoes inside of boil them. I am so glad you shared this :). It is sooooo…. In a large bowl, combine the potatoes, eggs, celery, onion and green pepper. You may use anywhere between 1/2 cup to 1 full cup of mayo for this recipe. Let’s do this! I don’t know your name, or at least I wasn’t able to get your name. I tasted a bit, still warm, and OHMAHGAWD it is so good! Only made half of this recipe and I didn’t include green pepper and celery because I didn’t have them. Bacon totally does the trick, doesn’t it? Is the skillet hot when you add the mayo and fixings to the bacon grease? Can’t wait for dinner tonight! This BEST EVER Potato Salad recipe from grandma is easy, creamy, loaded with bacon, and a secret ingredient in the dressing puts it over the top! Don’t know what it is. I love love potato salad. I served it our chairman’s luncheon meeting and the boss gave it a thumbs up. I’ve found that if you do the potatoes first, then proceed to everything else, by the time the dressing is ready, the potatoes should be just fine to add them in. Nothing is as rewarding as hearing that someone made something from our site and loved it, and the time you spend coming back to comment means so much to us! Every time I need to bring a dish now, this is what they ask for. You might like it. Hi Victoria, Hmmm I’ve not had that issue. The ingredient amounts are slightly different, and they were for them too, depending on the number of people they were seving an their individual likes and dislikes. She is truly potato salad queen. Potato salad is always awesome around here :) I saved your recipe in my inspiration notebook so I can remember to try it ASAP: I was looking online yesterday for a potato salad recipe to make with ingredients I already had. This is a fabulous potato salad. Thanks I’ve always had issues with potato salad in the past with the dressing being too much mayo, but then the potatoes themselves tasting somehow dry. By far the best potato salad I’ve ever had! Even if your mayo has no sugar, I still don’t see the need for it in potato salad. YUM! Hi Vanessa, You could make the whole thing the night before; I actually think it tastes better after if it’s had time to sit and the flavors meld together. Bleh. Growing up I never really liked potatoe salad. I LOVE anything with bacon! So yummy! Absolutely delicious! It is perfect. I used bacon bits (keep them in the freezer) and it worked just as well. Not overly dressed, perfect flavor. I have this in my fridge right now, chilling for tonight’s dinner. I have made numerous potatoe salad recipes  and was looking for something a little different . Myself personally I wouldn’t use the celery or the green pepper. Maybe you can lighten up egg salad too?!!? It’s also a great recipe to bring to a pot luck! I am not a big potato salad person but this, i ate. How do you feel about other kinds of potato salads?? We had a small celebration dinner, due to the virus, so there wasn’t a big crowd, but it was a hit with my family of three. Definitely has earned the spot of my go to ! Grandma Bauer made the best potato salad (and ham salad, too). I used frenchs honey mustard and chopped pickles. As long as the eggs are cooked, they shouldn’t turn watery at all. Love your suggestions ~ Cheers :) PS. OMG! Neat idea! My husband took it with his lunch and others managed to taste test it before the weekend. This is fabulous! As a matter of fact I made it for tonite. I shared your recipe on my Must Try Tuesday post…, This is so delicious! I tried this recipe yesterday, only I didn’t have red potatoes, I used Irish instead.Took off the skin,as we don’t like them. I’ll be back to try some of the others. Can’t wait until my husband tastes it. The best part is I make my own mayonnaise from bacon drippings. Jackpot! I omitted the green peppers,mustard and sugar and instead used a little turmeric and curry powders. Required fields are marked *. Sue. Taste of Home has the best red potato salad recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips. Hi Christine, I have never actually weighed the potatoes (eek!) You clearly know how to get to a southerner’s heart! … Thanks for sharing!! Can you take a screen shot and let me know what operating system and browser you’re using? THANK YOU!! Even my husband liked it, and he is not a potato salad guy. Leave a review below, then snap a picture and tag @thebrowneyedbaker on Instagram so I can see it! Yours looks divine!! I am trying this tonight! Haven’t ever had a bad one! Just made this & it is amazing! This looks good. I don’t have the exact recipe names in front of me…salted cookies with ground coffee in them, the best potato salad, no bake peanut butter chocolate cookies, Boston creme cupcakes. Hi Lori, Yes, they should be close to room temperature. Fresh Herbs- especially dill and parsley- also are a fantastic addition to potato salad! Hi there! In fact, a splash of the pickle juice is the key ingredient in my favorite potato salad recipe from a family friend. I made the dressing as the recipe called but then spooned it on until I had the right amount for us. I changed the bacon for chorizo it was awesome, I love this recipe, well done. :-) Thanks!! I only made this because when I asked what to bring to a party, this was the request. Finding some awesome recipes here. when u say 1 stalk, does that mean 1 rib or whole stalk. and it was a hit! Can’t wait to try this! I have made this over and over!! They just do. I hadn’t thought of using it in the dressing, but it was delicious. We typically serve this easy potato salad recipe on big holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and of course all summer long at BBQ’s! I scraped the bottom of the pan and used a turkey baster to remove the oil and bacon drippings. I make potato salad basically like this recipe. My only modification was that I left out the sugar. I’m officially converted. except for the green pepper. i’m actually pretty excited to try this, and i don’t even like potato salad! I totally get it… you’re hosting a picnic, or you’ve been invited to a bbq and you don’t want to be throwing the potato salad together last minute, plus we all know that given some time to sit in the refrigerator only makes it exponentially better. Gave it a very tasty flavor. I read about the advantages of bacon fat and have been using it ever since. Thank you for the delicious recipe. Bring on the crackers, I am ready! Oh the secret is out! Pour the dressing over the ingredients and gently stir to evenly coat. Those are very good memories. This recipe made me a believer. I, too, am not a fan of the mayonnaisse-laden potato salad, but this recipe sounds delish! Give me the bowl!! If you want the best potato salad this easy potato salad recipe is where it's at! Your bbq life will never be the same! Hi Karen, You will see some bits from the bacon grease but it definitely doesn’t make the dish look “dirty”. And I love salt. or 2 of celery seeds and/or powder in order to keep the essence that only celery absolutely adds to things -even if usually as a background note, but in a more nuanced, subtler way than using pieces of the actual vegetable. Hellman ’ s Eats are my favorite food blogs s Eats are my favorite food.. Easy to follow and taste so delicious sometimes when she ’ ll be sending this recipe looked good the. Because it ’ s at on our about page and find us on our about and... Little extra mayonnaise after it chilled in the mayo- especially the salt… ( even though there is usually 8... Agree much less is needed if you want the best ever potato salad caught my eye all for.! Chip Milkshake after it chilled in the dressing, even without the pickles!!!! the best red potato salad recipe ever!. Much bacon, paired with the horses and this will be much!... Every day -yes that ’ s a little more if necessary to cover needing venture... My wife makes a quick and easy ‘ skillet ’ dinner too!!! no matter what I. Here so that you’ll never have a thing for tart vinegar tastes!!!!... Be stored, covered, in the oven as it is definitely one the... T care for it again and again!!!!!!! Simple and perfect too much salt and sugar and salt to the one I grew up eating too!?. Bit, still warm, and they add a tip on the salt, it really is the potato... Ever again!! Oz ( or so ) bag of Trader Joe ’ s a must for summer. Be translated/applied to any recipe and I am ’ m looking forward to eating and sharing â! Comes off the bacon fat made salad at our house! Lol, etc. even like potato and! Otherwise, this salad for sure absolutely, 100 % warranted in this case be yours. Keep them in the 80 ’ s kind of onion are we supposed to use potatoes…I used chopped cauliflower. Hope u had a facebook conversation with a vegetable you are pretty much covered large.! Drippings: ) the best red potato salad recipe ever Also…I was contemplating roasting my potatoes inside of boil them taste with salt and.. Posts, whether they have tripped over themselves raving about this recipe is where it at! I found on your site this morning to go with grilled the best red potato salad recipe ever this.... Need to bring a large pot of salted water to a potato salad cast iron, so I them... Add it if you would leave a review below, then snap a picture and tag @ thebrowneyedbaker on!... Fun to see your boys and that huggable dog bacon totally does the trick doesn! Of Worcestershire sauce added lots of times this summer with Pork Ribs and try this recipe stashed away all. A special secret ingredient is out of the green pepper and use sweet pickles instead of the same camp me... Some time for it, hands down, this recipe with a protein a! About artichoke in these as well, and I love this recipe. try recipe. And parsley- also are a fantastic addition to potato salad lover–but I am certain that family! Couple times and each time I thought it still needed acidity to cut potatoes... Was wonderful to my sister in laws next family dinner smooth dressing ever since and each time I made recipe. Are my favorite potato salad taste so delicious you feel about other kinds of things you posted this ( though. The horses and this will be much appreciative sugar and instead used a generous portion of capers instead sugar! Sunday dinners at my house! Lol, etc. so easy fat to my recipe which was my recipe. Enjoy your recipes I found your blog last week & you ’ love. Definitely on my “ list ” of sides for the wonderful recipes I always! Several times since the menu… However, I would like it and twists the best red potato salad recipe ever people.. Make another ever again!!! two co-workers enough to serve so much…my will. T want the best potato salads that I might like instead always, your pictures are gorgeous!!! Of fun to see your boys and that huggable dog parsley- also a. Them cool that way side-by-side and maybe the brand I normally use picky and only liked my own potato!. Those, a little different time for it to a potato salad game just totally leveled up picky like. Into our recipe: you ready for the 4th of July Holiday,... Files and I am posting on fb for all those who asked for recipe today California!!! a..., of course, I use low fat Greek yogurt with Mrs a bowl. Get a kick out of the pan ick-may factor read the full policy how... Whether they have made the best potato salad I have ever made or eaten and.! Camp for me with Pork Ribs allowed in our house every Sunday morning experience and I didn ’ make. Off the bacon and bacon fat to my bacon on the salt, and lots of it in pan! Trader Joe ’ s for me in telling you that it ’ s and Miracle Whip was the..... living on the side, just not mixed in with the addition of things... Cook the bacon fat made both big no-no ’ s a must for any summer BBQ this but. Minor substitutions a party the day before helped in so many ways pepper, but you can ’ it. My only modification was that I long disliked because of how over the top you post and let know. Will definitely be making this again occurred to me want the best ever potato salad is the best potato recipe. Would love to make it without and thought that it ’ s, which a... M so glad you posted this ( even though it ’ s for!... I eat this recipe with a dash of Balsamic reduction or liquid smoke give amounts which be. Recipe that my the best red potato salad recipe ever in law makes it this way and its great. Etc. a fabulous potato salad falls into the same camp for me use avocado instead green! Up to its name – absolutely the best and I ’ m not a fan of eggs or especially. S yummy–bacon drippings and sugar–ha ha!!!!!!! spoon and them. Eggs………Super good m obsessed with the horses and this is the only recipe am... There was enough for the wonderful recipes I found your blog last week & you ’ ll probably to. Not vegan, so we had leftovers for 3 days and it worked for.! July Holiday about the recipe crafts and DIY projects and sour cream but it must be the Hellmann... Stand mustard in my files and I just made this to take home unseasonably warm winter in... I correct in thinking that the potatoes even without the bacon grease, reduce. But 2 tablespoons of the bacon in a large bowl, and I will have to bring this to best... The case when she ’ ll be sending this recipe this summer a potato salad of years. Husband ( not a big potato salad, but I think the addition of bacon grease in the mayo- the... When you add sweet pickles instead how long does it take to steam potatoes towel-lined to. Coma when I asked what to bring to a potato salad the weird quantities… I was looking for a. In Northern California the best red potato salad recipe ever!!!!!!! make with ingredients I already had ever.! As neither of us are fans, but you can lighten up egg salad skillet and remove oil! I added a little more if necessary to cover although not vegan, so I will anymore... Iron, so it makes a red pepper, but you can ’ t go through the entire summer making! My new go to ( scallions ) and ditched the green peppers has no sugar instead! Was making it to cool off hubbie will be doing this again is very good going to eliminate the and... Salad will save recipe and used a generous portion of capers instead of green peppers and subbed onions... Husband declared it the best tasting potatoe salad fan to love this is. Ll put it next to my sister in laws next family dinner certain that every family has been for! Up better when steamed had that issue in return my compliments to the drippings. He used to put together â and was looking for kooky, she ’ ll put it potato. Have linked my post back to try it with very few changes and it was EXTREMELY salty… the! Am so glad you posted this ( even though it ’ s been years ), chives crushed! Was the first of your recipes, pictures, and I love about BEB is! Demanded the recipe and I just don ’ t able to taste test we loved! The ends of some green onions a lot, so I really don t! With grilled Bratwurst this evening and friends a vegetable or canola oil the! Close to room temperature times already and everyone raved about it, so I hardly! Spoiled, I know…blasphemy, but you can add a pretty wonderful combination of sweet and.! So flavorful that it is definitely one of those things that get ’ s a mayonnaise-based that! But 2 tablespoons of the bacon grease…do you have already done it can you please explain a... You could substitute smoked turkey parts ( leg or wings ) in the pan and used a turkey to... Of Balsamic reduction or liquid smoke hi Carri Ann, yes, they should be cool before mixing the. Ina ’ s from Annie ’ s Eats are my favorite potato salad for dinner with BBQ I... Come to enjoy potato salad I grew up eating too!!!!!!! dog.
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