Wild Onion tops . Pick the flowers to use as garlicky flavored garnishes for salads and other dishes. How to Harvest Field Garlic. Young Wild Garlic Tops Mature Wild Garlic Tops . Wild garlic has very few plant look-alikes. You can grow wild garlic, but it is fun to pick … You can still pick it afterward but the leaves aren’t as tender. To harvest the bulbs, you can try to pull the plant up out of the ground from the base of its leaves. Every part of the field garlic plant is edible, from its bulbs, to its leaves, to its flowers (if you’re lucky enough to come upon them). You can see the difference in size of the wild onion tops compared to the wild garlic, even after the wild garlic has matured, (3rd photo above) the wild onion is still notably larger with larger bulb-lets that, if left alone, will droop, take root, and grow into a new onion plant. Often a … The best time to pick wild garlic is when the leaves are new but before it flowers. Wild garlic does not look like the white bulbs you see in the supermarket. The growing season usually lasts from February to late May.
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