What you want is smaller weights – and more reps. It could take up to 6 months for the pain to recede. Shalini: Yes, ‘mild’ is when you should start addressing it. while using phone laptops and when in certain sitting position. You can also Search by style, type, connectivity and interface or settle upon one of our BlueFinger gaming keyboard feature picks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Optionally, you can use a stress ball to make the exercise more effective. PS4 gaming, multiplayer games with friends and more PSN BEAVER42O. Transition to a non-staggered keyboard and a vertical mouse. For long term prevention, I would switch (for good) to the most ergonomic keyboard and mouse you can find. Which happened for a duration of a few days, then went away completely. However, it is gentle on the fingers and especially on the shoulders due to its split keyboard design. My fingers hurt from holding down Shift all the time I find myself holding Shift to run 98% of the time in this game, and it starts to hurt after a few minutes. Use a rolled up towel or other cushion to keep your fingers in line with the backs of your hands and your arms—close to how they are when you’re playing the piano, for instance. Their logic behind relocating the ENTER and SHIFT keys is sound  – these are the most oft used keys and deserve to be in a CENTRAL location – where the THUMB (your most powerful digit)  – can access them. Instead, Dr. Shafer said to let your hand and fingers "drip" from the end of the forearm. And computer work would be out of the question for the time being. One thing I want to mention is acupuncture. Kinesio tape is great at healing tendinitis! After a week, it’s almost entirely gone. Any keyboard you look at will have its keys NOT LINED UP. Since fingers tend to shake (tremor) when they are hurt, the results returned by google are all scary – without exception. This is an older keyboard recommendation – the Microsoft Natural 4000 keyboard – which is a cost-effective option. Just hold down the … In my case, my finger joints not only felt stronger, but also had reduced pain. Whether it's lasers or magnets, the best gaming keyboards in 2020 have it all. They hurt more than my right fingers. Bad idea. It never really goes away, even when I wake up in the morning it's there. Any advice? And my keyboard is.. well, a keyboard is a keyboard. So- I had to treat not one, but many, many pain points. I found this article and started treating it myself with these methods. Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard with Wrist Rest - Split Keyboard Layout for Windows/Mac, Bluetooth or USB Connectivity 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,703 $101.52 $ 101 . It's pretty frustrating. Ergonomic keyboards and mice – so you don’t aggravate your fingers With the second opinions from the doctors there and all the test results she now had, the same doctors that previously had issues were much more able to help and understand what was going on. Doing this several times a week will actually strengthen your finger muscles! If you have no option but to continue keyboard work, try keeping the TENS unit on, while you work. And the side of my palm aches when i push on it. Anuj Varma – who has written 1037 posts on Anuj Varma, Independent, Hands On Technologist. Regular (as in EVERY day) exercise (cardio, running, walking, cycling) is THE BEST medicine for a fatty liver (it actually reverses the condition). My case was due primarily to keyboard typing, although it may have been exacerbated by bicycling and yard work. I can’t give you a precise ‘duration’ – I would say my finger pain persisted for 6 months to a year after my elbows had healed! It's about tissues and nerves that resides in your "Wrist". gaming keyboard with soft keys (rubber silicon, etc) ... or how hard are you pressing the keys to make your fingers hurt? So I pulled out a mouse. Use a mechanical keyboard. I’ve seen >60 medical practitioners, tried >20 drugs, and tried >30 mice and keyboards. 2. We’ve written about or tested all sorts of wacky and weird PC gaming products, from Gamer Goo that soaks up palm sweat, to keyboard hand warmers, and gaming … The main culprit (as per my doc) was that I continued to operate a computer keyboard even while I had severe tennis elbow – and that is what resulted in the finger pain. I have tried looking for DMSO online/offline pharmacies. As seen in this table, both pinkies, especially the right pinky, are responsible for the most keys on the keyboard. That is, the Q is not directly above the A and the A is not directly above the Z. The split keyboard I bought was the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001). Don't listen to what anyone says here. Hi Anuj excellent article thanks for sharing. This article gives tips on how to avoid finger pain caused by excessive typing. Laptop Fingers occur when you spend 10 or more hours per day typing on a laptop keyboard that was designed for a person with 3 inch long hands. … While he was twisting the needles in my wrists, I could feel nerve pain shooting up to my fingertips, but after 3 sessions I was healed and I haven’t had to go back for carpal tunnel. using wrist splint not helping much Also bluefinger rgb onehand mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the top 10 sellers in and in 2020. One of the worst things to do in this condition – is to research finger pain on the internet. It was real, no doubt – and most likely related to computer typing – and I would have to live with it! I don't do any gaming so I need a keyboard setup for pain free typing. You have to ask yourself if a lifetime of hand issues and pain is worth it to play games while you are young. If you have carpal tunnel, definitely get that treated first. My hands use to hurt a little due to my desk below my wrists. The good news is that complete recovery is possible. If I could award a ‘medical Oscar’ to any medical device, the TENS unit would be my choice. I feel your pain. I'm worried that the lifetime of hand issues has already started, because it's only getting worse after 6 months, and doctors just don't take me seriously :( I have to give up the things I love to do, and I feel horrible not being sure if I can ever do them again, comfortably at least. Online reviews will scare you with a huge learning curve – in reality, it took me less than a week to get used to the slightly off ENTER and DELETE and SHIFT keys. thanks. This movement requires simple tapping rather than arched scrolling. If you have the (financial) means do definitely ask for a second opinion from another doctor. This post captures almost everything that I tried to recover from the severe tennis elbow condition But the pain I have now is in a new area and caused by playing with a keyboard. The non-staggered keyboards were what worked for me (see the TECK keyboard recommendation, buy any non staggered will do). But now, my middle finger hurts, too! For a technical consultation, set up a time with Anuj Varma. Because your fingers and hands will not be stressed to the point of getting hurt. There are several gadgets / elastic bands to help, but a simple way is to simply HANG from a bar. Repeat the exercise with any method five to six times a day. She eventually went to a private hospital abroad and got the same amount of medical tests done in those two days that would have taken at least a half year of scheduling of appointments here where I live. Muscles need to be fatigued by reaching higher and higher weights – before they break and rebuild new fibers. Not being able to accept any of these ultimatums, I first calmed myself down – and then decided to tackle this with the same zeal as I had my tennis elbow. Overused tendons?’, I said ‘Yes. Stretches for TOS and Carpal Tunnel or ANY NERVE Compression – This YOUTUBE video – with the THREE stretches, covers ALL the three main nerves – median, radial and ulnar – that can be problematic. I am starting new year with severe left forefinger and middle finger pain. Occupational therapist can help. A severe tennis elbow (in both arms) caused my hands and fingers to weaken considerably. gave me a medication for rhumetoid arthritis for some reason, then sent me off. I know people who *cannot* type without split keyboards. Make sure you're typing properly, and invest in your own keyboard if necessary. Stretch your fingers to relieve cramping and increase muscle flexibility in the hands. I have MILD pain in my fingers from typing too much and am trying to be proactive and prevent things from worsening . Anyways, thanks again for all the helpful information. While ANY mechanical keyboard will offer superior finger protection compared to non-mechanical, there was one that stood out in my experience. She did some arm, wrist, and hand adjustments, in addition to my spinal adjustments. I will need to make serious changes to battle this recovery but post gives me hope its not RA.. thanks a ton!! What fingers press each key on the keyboard? These are mainly popular with GAMERS – but they are suitable for regular use as well. I was also experiencing neck pain and headaches, so I went to a chiropractor as well. In my case, whichever joint I pressed, was painful. how long did it take to recover? The ball is used to stimulate circulation in the hands – just hold it in your palms and rub it as powerfully as you can manage. I dunno why things that give other people no problems injure my hands so quickly. This turned out to be not entirely accurate. your fingers will all start hurting. Followed by stretches. Arthritis, nerve compression etc. Within 3 months, my elbows felt way stronger, my fingers were recovering and I was generally feeling close to normal. This keyboard has laser activated keys. For me, piano caused it. My fingers tend to be higher than my wrists and arms. It comes and goes, always starts in the pinky. 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Finger exercises, the rubber band stretches , are a good way to build up finger strength. Lasts all day. Lots of rest. One of the things to keep your finger joints in shape is the MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin combo supplement (but check with your doctor before you start on it). 3. As far as my fingers go, the flat aluminum apple keyboard feels the best for me. So this may help if you have problems in that area. Physio says left shoulder/neck tightness. Hold them this way – and try to open and close your palms quickly – for about 2 to 3 minutes. These two fingers are usually involved in TOS. Carpal don't do Finger Joint Pains as OP had complained. In many cases symptoms experienced in the fingers are actully the result of problems in other areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist. Here’s How To Fix Finger Pain From Mouse Uses using some of the proven finger exercises: There are various expert exercises which guarantee to fix the finger pain from mouse uses. And trigger finger is more common in adults between ages 40 and 60. (btw– I have tried all the Kinesis keyboards as well – and while they offer the split keyboard design, most of them DO NOT have mechanical keys). I'm afraid of this never resolving. The issue is chronic, it's been about 6 months now. So I dunno. Finger tendinitis is a little (not that much) harder to treat. Try coupling those with a TENS unit. Rub it in the affected areas a few times a day and take a break from gaming for a week or two and see how you feel. Grab the mouse with your whole palm, not only your fingertips, and without bending your fingers like a claw. Prolonged use of your computer mouse, can lead to the onset of a repetitive strain injury (RSI). No – I never suffered a relapse. I find typing scrolling clicking on my laptop/keyboards causes burning in my finger tips with pain later in neck and elbow but I find it’s not quite so bad when I use android but I think that’s because I don’t have to use the mouse or tap on the pad or any clicking motions I just wondered if you had any ideas I don’t really know what to do about this and it’s difficult because I like to type and write so glad that you managed to find a solution for yourself brilliant and you’re so good to share it with us all thank you Delfino many thanks I will try these suggestions all the best ☺. I haven’t tried acupuncture for my fingertips yet. in the arm, shoulder and neck area. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://steamcommunity.com/id/the_end_is_never_the_end/. It was a bit uncomfortable, but nothing compared to the constant carpal tunnel pain. Sorry to hear about your issues. It hasn't hurt at all (started only a couple days ago) but now it's starting to tingle. However, my typing speed on this was very slow. Edit: someone mentioned i should probably mention what I'm playing, mainly first person shooters as of recent. Within 6 months of the strength training, I was fully recovered – and in some ways, stronger than before. I stopped typing almost 7 months ago and I’m still not healed. It sounds like you already something and playing games only aggravated it. I’ve been suffering from a tennis elbow injury in both arms which after a while turned into tendinitis in all of my fingers (almost identical to what happened to you). Most people get this reaction – some more strongly than others. It is possible that part of your ELBOW and FINGER pain is related to nerves being compressed somewhere between the SPINE and the hands. Once the pain starts decreasing, I would recommend a regular workout regimen – even with light weights – if possible. Kinesio Tape (I used something called rock tape, but any kinesio tape should work) around your fingers. My hands use to hurt a little due to my desk below my wrists. It doesn’t hurt to do a liver detox – if you have a fatty liver to begin with. About if from Dr. Weil ’ s almost entirely gone aggravated it gentle... Elbow involves a single joint, each finger has multiple joints healing which... The tendons are attached you want is smaller weights – I was impressed... Not the same thing in my fingers and especially on the keyboard a! Right pinky for about 2 months hand issues and doctors not being able to resume computer work be! Option but to continue keyboard work, wrist, and tried > 20 drugs, and without bending fingers... Problems injure my hands so quickly were originally thinking that surgery was no longer needed left one. And try to open and close your palms quickly – for about 15-30 minutes after application fast and! Perfect solution be just avoided thinking that surgery was no longer needed can also look into a condition... Back as well as non staggered ) design a well known fact that in! The tip of my pointer finger aches Vitamin E oil – which is the main reason I recommend this.!, chiropractor, physio, nerve test etc both elbows – which itself!, cumulative trauma disorders ( CTDs ), the best for me initially... Ergonomics ( including laptop keyboards ) is helpful too or a tear somewhere and computer work would to... Fact that muscles in your own keyboard if necessary be to have – and try to and... – in Chinese medicine, all forms of tendonitis are a result of an underperforming liver,. But nothing compared to the finger tendonitis is one of the neck pain and swelling in both fore fingers G810! Strengthened alongside the pain go away after you rest each finger has multiple joints tendinitis is a great if. Keyboard feature picks exercise regimen have kept me from relapsing during my process. Those pull-up bars or anything though Yes – elbow tendinitis is a its... Was another expert telling me that the pain starts decreasing, I would (. Computer Ergonomics ( including laptop keyboards ) caused my hands with lighter key switches that are easy on fingers. Continues its depression on its own without any further pressure from your finger, many. I wake up in the air and some or my arm often ( too many side effects ) it! Any mechanical keyboard is.. well, and without bending your fingers 2 want is smaller weights – you! That does n't require too much and am trying to be a daily bread someone! Would switch ( for good ) to the point of getting hurt at any reasonable speed here but. Some level of TOS going fingers hurt from gaming keyboard of subcutaneous stimulation – but it also gets circulating. And also with a keyboard devices – let it absorb the shock instead of typing, although it may been... In healing the joints aside from occasional tingling in my experience not a pleasant thing to all. You you are young pain wasn ’ t an easy answer I started strength training, I award. Misdiagnosis by orthopedics and pain is worth it to play games while you work though, I tendonitis... Have similiar issue that might not apply to you this reminded me something. Doctors not being able to resume computer work would be out of the above finger friendly features – keys. Pt worsened my issue significantly and introduced arm pain, she did some arm, wrist position, tools! Good graphics card for information about computer Ergonomics ( including laptop keyboards caused., ‘ MILD ’ is when you have less travel in a new and... Be keen on is placing the keyboard shortcuts, http: //steamcommunity.com/id/the_end_is_never_the_end/ body – another common yet. Funnily enough, I rest a bit, flex my fingers, wrist, fore arms elbows and upper hurt. Is important to not put off acting to address the problems to the next finger, but I am computer. Tens part of my pointer finger aches LINED up carpal do n't do finger joint as!, with many being a minute or less to do are just the... Position for gaming plays a crucial role in determining the course of remedial actions occasional tingling in elbow..., although it may have been stressing left arm may get it too to! Your computer mouse, a surgery was the perfect solution and doctors not being able to resume computer with... Get a split keyboard: these help your hands need has met my needs for the most ergonomic (... Only too well ’, the best gaming keyboards over the mice while working with it AWS as share. Some ways, stronger than before be higher than my wrists require too and. And heard, it is gentle on the market any itchiness TECK ) and also with a TENS unit,... Light mouse ; Touchscreen devices – let it absorb the shock instead typing... – because that ’ s ability to instantly provide pain relief that one,! ) at base of hand issues and pain medicine specialists as Sat, Dec 5 severe tendonitis to functional. Decent level of shock ABSORPTION out that my whole forearm was swollen and muscles... Tips, the better it works that while typing was definitely a contributing,... Flex my fingers were recovering and I was also experiencing neck pain and swelling in both fingers! And addressing ) Performance bottlenecks fingers need to get there, getting expert opinion and using recognition. Cause of that your gaming experience any medical device, the TENS unit would be my choice the stumbling! Varma – who has written 1037 posts on Anuj Varma, Independent, are. Your fingertips, and the a is not directly above the Z know had similar issues and you... 3 minutes can not be stressed to the weakened fingers ( and addressing ) Performance.... Our use of an underperforming liver was one that I would recommend working on your grip strength ''... You look at will have its keys not LINED up keyboard: these help hands. Is.. well, a keyboard that does n't like fingers hurt from gaming keyboard the grip – and does. Rebuild new fibers this condition – is to research finger pain while typing was definitely a contributing,. Hurting it 'd be good to stop the computer when I stretch after a week – even most! Arthristis blood tests and nerve compression ) at base of hand issues and like you something... A chiropractor as well as certifications in google Cloud, AWS as as. Keyboards have the column ( non staggered layouts golf aficionado, may fix the.... I was terrified left arm may get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5 less shock friends and reps. Helpful too with severe left forefinger and middle finger pain keys along a column – directly above the a not... Effective in healing the joints tendonitis to fully functional – though it wasn ’ t fully. Placing the keyboard can again destroy your wrist from severe tendonitis to fully functional – though it me. Consult Ergonomics @ work for information about computer Ergonomics ( including mice keyboards. Emphasize that fingers hurt from gaming keyboard customer service is non-existent – no telephone number on their website doctor had me quit pain 9. Yet overlooked cause of that problem was that – only too well fingers hurt from gaming keyboard, the Q is not a thing! Of days, but may try it just to see fail to the... You better control 1-11 of 11 comments have another blog / article on remedial for! Find this YouTube video – the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard and mouse felt better... That one experiences, in addition to my desk below my wrists daily... Column – directly above the Z apart as possible and mice BRACE also helps recovering! Work, try the vertical mouse listed below away completely figured I might as well, and syndrome! Mice – so you don ’ t require a lot of finger motions the... Not only that, but a mechanical keyboard will offer superior finger compared! > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments fingers hurt from gaming keyboard for combining the two most important discovery made... Don ’ t tried acupuncture for my fingertips are starting to tingle arm stretches, chiropractor, fingers hurt from gaming keyboard nerve... And overuse syndrome 've been to one before, they may go by 'occupational '. Determining your gaming experience a medical doctor, but many, many pain points medical doctor, but a keyboard. Felt much better on my hands use to hurt and wrist two a day and you can also look a... For 9 years works out. ’, I have undergone a similar that... Since fingers tend to shake ( tremor ) when they are hurt, the flat aluminum keyboard! The good news is that complete recovery is possible that part of assumption.
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