It's a compilation of realistic-looking cake sculptures. Now everything is suspect because it might be cake. “A magic knife that turns anything it touches into a cake,” wrote one user, while another added, “Obviously it’s the knife that’s turning everything into cake.” The demanding task produced some outstanding offerings, like Steven’s BLT cake and Sophie’s Champagne bottle on ice. How Did The "Made Of Cake" Meme Start. Why the 'everything is cake' trend is so unsettling, according to a psychologist ... that turn out to be made of cake. We can thank Tasty, the world's largest food network, for the internet's newfound belief that everything is made of cake… We’ve come a long way from the days when Britain’s best amateur bakers crafted dessert ramen bowls and terrariums with little more than fondant and edible paint. The cake videos upset people’s learned realities. These types of video are commonplace viral media bits, but for some reason, perhaps … The answer: everything is cake. On July 8th, Buzzfeed's Tasty posted a video simply titled "These are all cakes." People are sharing videos in which some slices through seemingly everyday objects, like toilet paper and plants, that turn out to be The big question of 2020: Is everything we think is real, actually made out of cake?
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