Rightfully so. 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from across the world are used in the production, among them star anise, cinnamon and ginger roots as well as a set of secret herbs. In German, Jägermeister means "master hunter" (combining Jäger, hunter, and Meister, master). I personally don't like the taste but if you like licorice then you'll probably like it. Jägermeister (35% ABV, 70 Proof $20.99) – dark brown in color, from the first nosing licorice root jumps out of the glass. Hah - they aren't going to reveal that, but a good source tells us that ever since Jägermeister was invented almost 80 years ago, it has been based on a secret recipe. Everclear doesn't "taste" at all. all cower in fear. Tequila = Again...I don't like the taste straight. Jägermeister = black licorice...and other spices/flavorings. There are many other brands of kräuterlikör in Germany, but most aren't widely exported. … It's just a force of mass destruction. It’s not too far off the taste of those brown, chesty cough syrups (mainly because their main ingredient to loosen phlegm is alcohol and the rest is just window dressing). But in a margarita it's good. https://www.delish.com/food/a29340929/jagermeister-cold-brew-taste-test How Jägermeister tastes is important in comparison to Jägermeister Spice. Taste buds, esophagi, livers, intestinal tracts etc. Jägermeister is the market leader in Germany. Since Jägermeister has a sweet flavor, it is instead considered a kräuterlikör (literally "herbs liqueur"). I would drink tequila before I drank Jager if I had the choice. Jägermeister smells a lot like a riff on an aquavit liqueur, with licorice and caraway dominating the noses.
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