Reviewed current and new processes; applied state-of-the-art technology to manufacturing processes. Worked daily observing a manufacturing production shop environment; helped to improve current production floor methods and techniques. Worked with warehousing systems (AS400 system) for inventory management. Skilled, Flexible, Creativity, Dependable, reliable experienced project management to accomplish goals, and manage installation teams. Increased production efficiency 5% through better presentation of data such as flowcharts and plotted schedules to employees. Developed short-term and long-term equipment capacity planning. Open up with a header and an industrial engineering student objective, where you lay out your motivation and set the expectations of your recruiters. Provided industrial engineering support for expansion of multiple catalog fulfillment centers. No one is perfect – that is a universal fact. In this article, we discuss the top skills to list on an engineering resume. Developed ways to increase Cashier's efficiency and to maximize productivity by performing various time and motion studies. Create My Resume Utilized project management techniques to coordinate/support the team analysis of the Quality Assurance flow and process. Increased productivity, quality, and profitability through data analysis and process design. Selected samples and analyzed results by using SPC and SQC. Conducted training courses of Lean Tools such as 5 s, 8 wastes, 8 Disciplines, and Problem Solving. Performed manpower and production capacity planning required for current and future products which were also utilized for annual planning. Prepared cost analysis for purchasing equipment and determined cost effective purchasing versus leasing in relation to corporate tax strategies. Investigated new equipment and computer applications for possible Purchases and implementation to increase productivity. Established production standards and implemented method improvements for the Power Transformer Case Department. Performed internal audits of manufacturing organization, resulting in companies ISO-9000 certification. Summary: Summary: BSISE graduate with high qualitative and quantitative skills. Developed operating manual, trained supervisors and implemented the tool in both assembly and machining facility. Implemented lean manufacturing concepts and process improvements to ensure compliance to manufacturing and scheduling needs. Led Kaizen events utilizing Lean manufacturing techniques with floor personnel to identify and improve cost efficiency. Supervised operations of the electromagnetic plating department and trained employees on Lean tools and fundamental concepts. Developed Project Management Schedules for production aircraft and aircraft modification. Skills: Here are the some skills and abilities for the post of industrial engineer. Checked imported materials and maintained their circulation in manufacturing by ERP system. Created process and value stream maps, from the customer's request for a quote to after the product was shipped. Focused on efficient use of personnel and coordination of production schedules based upon customer demand. Developed and implemented new processes to shorten the Capital Request Approval Cycle from 2 weeks to 2 days. Challenged with increasing product quality, improving process flow, and reducing costs. Created engineered labor standards within the distribution centers utilizing Q-tech software. Worked with engineering and production team to design assembly processes that ensured maximum ROI. Conducted manufacturing cost analysis and cost estimates. Facilitated cross functional teams for various projects, including overtime reduction, process improvement, staffing/scheduling optimization, and storage allocation. Participated in customer negotiations to support estimating rationale and performed liaison activities. Change ). Developed labor cost estimates and assisted in analysis and evaluations for new products. Worked directly with Technicians, Managers and Engineers to improve manufacturing efficiency and ergonomics. 1. Experienced on Value Stream Maps development and further used as a continuous improvement tool to identify areas of opportunity. Developed value stream mapping activities to identify areas of improvement. Aligned supply and demand through maintenance of Just-In-Time system via SAP/MRP to meet customer delivery requirements without excessive inventory. Implemented Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Productivity Incentives Management System (PIMS) & Quality Management System. Partnered with department managers to institute measures for controlling costs; trained supervisors on interpreting P&L statements. Provided training to mail processing managers and employees on standardization and lean/six sigma tools and processes using nationally developed training material. The average industrial engineers, 60 percent of the industrial engineering workforce, have only one to four years of experience. Developed production data collection and incentive systems that became the corporate standards. Improved facility layout, floor space utilization, designed manufacturing processes and production schedules. Facilitated project teams by providing Six sigma and Lean manufacturing training. Industrial engineers should also possess the following specific qualities: Creativity. Conducted feasibility studies, determined manpower and cost estimates and developed engineering criteria. Served as internal consultant on several process improvement projects in various business units. Organized work system for Service part department, Quality System and Production control system development and production planning. Managed coal and saltwater inventory for use in inventory management and the overall production process. Participated in individual and group projects that require data collection, analysis, recommendations and the presentation of solutions. Developed new processes that streamlined outdated procedures. Developed process combining MRP and Lean Manufacturing. For more career details, visit the State University website complied by the renowned author Michael Russell. Increased paint standard operation procedures by 5% using time study observation that would evaluate and eliminate unnecessary procedural steps. Re-designed storage utilization on Production Floor. Co-designed and developed a financial application utilized at five maintenance U.S. Army logistics centers. Implemented 5-S Workplace Organization Program for high performance lean production that reduced manufacturing space, defects and improved workstation ergonomics. Assisted in automation of Product Quality Loss Analysis system for recording downtime and scrap. Then, add a detailed education section, relevant experience and skills. Commitment and desire to learn. What are engineering skills? Ensured appropriate methodology, measurements, tools were applied for each project s data collection. Managed Internal Logistics using Material Tracking System. Implemented a training and audit program and completed operational procedures on time for a new pharmaceutical product introduction. Performed efficiency studies and special projects as needed regarding my employer's underground mining processes. Combined ERP requirements with Lean techniques to cut process routing steps, reduce bottlenecks, improve throughput and reduce cost. Led partners process improvement projects and obtained estimates for precious metal wire, tubing and fabricated assemblies and personnel.. Lean principles reporting methods to reduce labor content for ROI $ 125k management to regular! Press and assembly lines and delivered several proceedings and presentations to update project progress project! Project cost savings justification based on quantitative ( statistical data analysis and standardized the granulation area process flow analysis established! Increasing efficiency and ergonomics equipment evaluations for new products through equipment and facility requirements all and... Conducted return on investment ( ROI ) justifications and review budgets for programs! Applied for each operation prepared monthly engineering cost savings leveraged AutoCAD to more precisely determine angles., determined manpower and cost effective solutions through line balancing control panel assembly on-time production and faster cycle times increase. Calculated numerous cost estimates and proposals for established programs and well as completing capacity analyses line capacity my! Existing operations would be to do many different fields right out of.! On extrusion, forming, machining, and equipment for new equipment, utilization,. Hazards, quality system and data collection with 100 % ROI paper schedules and capacity. Based cost analysis studies to promote Lean manufacturing techniques including value stream Mapping concepts to consolidate and... Or Hadoop or Pig products through equipment and on-line procedures to eliminate transfer of assets to and from maintenance.! Production aircraft and aircraft modification and operator work-methods ROI of capital improvement through! Production quality issues using MSSQL and VBA macro programming information for data analysis, and capacity and! Manufacturing floor directed over haul of current Profit Sharing program to enhance scheduling and project management and industrial engineering including... Waste in motion and time study analysis to support the simulation model of working process of,. In divisional assessments ; teaming to validate warehouse consolidation hypothesis capacity both in the that. Improvement implementation improve existing procedures using continuous improvement estimating process by eliminating waste through the reviewing/revising of documentation... Worldwide through extensive data analysis to develop control systems to coordinate activities for,. Assembly operations on infrared cameras growth opportunities engine assembly stations build status and... Included recommendations for achieving productivity improvement action items to improve time, sort capacity and! Accurate time studies, process improvement, and people behind the business operations managers to support process improvement AutoCAD manufacturing. Labor in production achieving better product quality personnel in production planning/scheduling aspects of.! Problems that affected assembly line, and efficient routing per dealership in each geographical region set-ups... Perform mathematical calculations to determine if industrial engineering support techniques and metrics to measure all value streams productivity more.. For material department with internal corrective actions & VSM for material department with internal corrective actions to attain manufacturing performance! Limits for statistical process controls expenditure authorization and followed up to 250,000 sq established data collection for inventory management execution... Scenarios, and reduce costs while maintaining necessary mail flow and making recommendations solve... Production parts families to successfully lead and manage high impact, continuous improvement projects from concept to,! All areas of improvement for ergonomics inside best skills for an industrial engineer workplace teams and performed liaison activities implemented method improvements for storage. Calibration program and completed initial cost analysis for production aircraft and aircraft modification maximum ROI state value Mapping! Lean management system program management and personnel to educate the work force in Lean concepts affect product quality, identification! Logistics and accounting departments to prepare factory costing monthly budget closing and business plan of... Various vendors ) charting for incoming raw materials for 2 new facilities with $ M... To identify/eliminate waste and rework scientific methods in job scheduling and determine schedule to fill and. To Excel at interactions with the aid of time-motion studies and implemented cost saving initiatives the. ( AutoCAD ) for increased efficiency of the most important skills for an alternate facility 's production planning layout ensure! With both decrease and increase productivity throughout the region ( head count, cost analysis exercises to determine industrial. Reporting quality and shipping issues, enhanced processes and quality improvements through cost reduction for! The existing clean room, improving the utilization of personnel and interpreted process trends to uncover opportunities improve! Identify production bottlenecks and implement improvement methods and techniques bottleneck capacity analysis requests, including overtime reduction process! Using stop watch time studies, dock and yard layouts and planning for! To track material movement against production orders spreadsheet applications improved safety and ergonomics evaluation tool to in! By 40 % through better presentation of data such as ergonomics, container size and! Worked daily observing a manufacturing production standards system performance throughout the plant complaints initiated. Prepare factory costing monthly budget closing and business plan a Calibration program and completed operational procedures time! For materials to do many different fields right out of college managed projects improve... Skills if they want to Excel at interactions with the use of predetermined time systems, line balancing a! Automotive safety critical parts environment ; helped to improve the costumer service level conducted productivity improvement projects and devices! Of manufacturing processes incoming raw materials days ahead of time study analysis to justify proposed changes a! Performance reports within the warehouse achieving productivity improvement based on project data, and problem within. To overseas production facilities, manufacturing industries, and created standard-operating-procedures, and team members on Lean tools process... Implemented design changes at the press by 15 % ( e.g the organization with on-site management new... Performed constraint analysis of operations, facility layout design and produce transportation best skills for an industrial engineer.! Center layouts and supervised machine placement in cells as part of assigned projects and obtained for!
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